Case study # 1: Managing the color and occlusion for 10 upper and 10 lower porcelain veneers full smile makeover.

March 17, 2022

Patient presented with prior Invisalign treatment and whitening and was still unhappy with their smile and wanted the brightest and most perfect smile.

Treatment plan

  • Upper 10 teeth porcelain veneers
  • Lowers 10 teeth porcelain veneers
  • Special considerations / challenges
  • Lower anterior crowding. Almost class 3 occlusion and anterior crossbite on upper laterals.

Steps for success

  • Waxup from lab along with inspirational pictures to ensure we can meet patients expectations.
  • Make sure to have enough facial reduction on areas that are crowded and positioned more facially.
  • Make sure the patient has good posterior stops for occlusion and bite registrations during the process.
  • Having a good workflow to keep the patient comfortable during the procedure.

Procedure learning points

Patient loved the temps and the design. Having a great waxup and her approval for the temps was key.

Getting the right color and shade was the challenge.  

At first the patient opted for a shade that wasn’t bright enough and after removing temps and trying in with try in paste we sent to case back for a brighter shade LT BL1

When a patient is particular make sure to do a try in with try in paste and show them the veneers and get their approval before cementing them on.  We take videos and photos of the try in to show the patient as well as have them look in a mirror to get their approval.  

After this we created an album with various smile design colors to show patients.  Final shade is sometimes hard to communicate.  The plastic shade tab versus the final outcome shade can vary.  The final shade of the case depends on the: prep shade, thickness of porcelain, cement shade, and shade of the porcelain as well as the translucency of the porcelain.  

Porcelain Veneers Details

We did Emax porcelain veneers shade LTBL1 with a bleach shade calibra veneer cement.

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Case #1 images. Close up Retracted photos were taken immediately after seating the restorations.  Gums will heal.