Case study #2 : Managing wear, asymmetrical teeth, narrow smile and gums for top 10 porcelain veneers

March 17, 2022

Patient presented with prior Orthodontic treatment and whitening and was still unhappy with their smile and wanted a brighter, more symmetrical, broader, fuller and less gummy smile.

Treatment plan

  • Upper 10 teeth porcelain veneers
  • Upper teeth laser gum contouring
  • Lower teeth whitening
  • Lower teeth enameloplasty/ contouring

Special considerations

With the history of wear making sure the veneers are prepped and designed sufficiently to ensure longevity and success. Also needed to create a more level smile and improve the cant of the smile and gumline.  

Steps for success

  • Waxup from lab along with inspiration pictures to ensure we can meet patients expectations
  • Work out any issues in the temporary veneers.
  • Take time to establish the size, shape and color of the newly designed smile.

Procedure learning points

Patient felt the temps were a bit too long. She was used to the original size of her teeth. We discussed tooth proportions.

Patient preferred more pointy canines than what she saw in temps.

Teeth were minimally prepared for porcelain veneers but I should have opened the proximal contact between the centrals to close the black triangle or gap at the gingival embrassure.

I may go back and add composite from the lingual to close that space more or even redo the 2 centrals.

Porcelain Veneers Details

We did Emax porcelain veneers shade HTBL1 with a bleach shade calibra veneer cement.

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Case #2 images.