Case study #3: Managing discoloration, prior restorations, narrow smile, and overlapped teeth for an 8 unit smile makeover porcelain veneers case

March 17, 2022

Our patient presented crooked and overlapped front teeth and decalcification and discoloration and stain on their teeth. Patient tried whitening and and was unhappy with their smile and wanted a brighter, more symmetrical and better smile.

Treatment plan

  • Upper 8 teeth porcelain veneers
  • Upper teeth laser gum contouring as needed
  • Lower teeth whitening
  • Lower teeth enameloplasty/ contouring

Special considerations

With the discoloration making sure to be able to block out the prep shade so the veneers have to be prepped and designed sufficiently to ensure longevity and success.

Steps for success

  • Waxup from lab along with inspiration pictures to ensure we can meet patients expectations
  • Work out any issues in the temporary veneers.
  • Take time to establish the size, teeth shape and color of the newly designed smile.

Procedure learning points

At her post op after the veneer’s cementation, the canines were uneven and too long. I shortened and reduced the incisal edges/ cusp tips of the canines to make the smile look less like a reverse smile. I had to adjust the porcelain to make the smile more symmetrical.

Teeth were minimally prepared for porcelain veneers but I should have made #9 a full coverage to facilitate the design and seating of the restorations or opened the mesial proximal contact area more.

With the discoloration we used a brighter shade for the veneer cement to block out the undertone of the prep shade. 

Porcelain Veneers Details

We did Emax porcelain veneers shade HTBL1 with a bleach shade calibra veneer cement.

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Case #3 images.

Close up Retracted photos were taken immediately after seating the restorations.  Gums will heal.