Frequently asked questions about the Veneer Masterclass and our Veneer Training Courses for Dentists.

March 17, 2022

How long can I access the course?

You will have lifetime access to the courses once purchased/ enrolled.  Just remember your login and password 🙂

Why do people take the Veneer Masterclass?

We surveyed hundreds of Dentists and asked what they wanted to learn about veneers and what we do.  We built the Veneer Masterclass around these common concerns and questions that Dentists have about doing Veneers.  In their own words, here are some of the biggest reasons why people are taking the Veneer Masterclass:

  • to grow a cosmetic practice
  • learn techniques and ways to discuss veneers with patients, how to evaluate cases
  • how to confidently prep veneers where patients are happy, feel more comfortable 
  • how to bring up smile transformations with veneers
  • to enhance smiles and make people more confident
  • how to do veneers
  • learn the veneer process
  • how to determine what cases are good for veneers
  • learn veneer techniques
  • how to place veneers
  • improve and learn techniques for more predictable veneer preps and restorations
  • mentorship, selling treatment plans, improving clinical results
  • step by step approach to veneers
  • becoming more confident
  • having a better workflow
  • who is a candidate, bonding technique, right cement, best way to prep and temp
  • In Detail about veneers
  • veneers prep guides, types of burs, impression material, veneer products to use
  • how to do veneers
  • case selection techniques, selling cosmetic cases
  • veneer prep skills/ better workflow for cosmetic patients
  • learn veneers preps/seats/ basic foundation for cosmetic dentistry
  • tips and tricks regarding porcelain veneers
  • Application of veneers
  • preparations and occlusion
  • comfortable with workflow and what can go wrong with larger cases
  • minimal prep veneer techniques besides lumineers
  • how to complete the appropriate beautiful smile
  • improved workflow for veneers and improve my technique

Is there Continuing Education Credit?

Currently, there is no CE credit for the courses.  Regardless, the information shared is priceless.

Where should I start?

The Veneer Masterclass is the most comprehensive course we offer, so we recommend starting there.  

The Veneer Masterclass shows you how a busy cosmetic dentist manages his case workflow.  There is so much information that it gives you the choice of what topics you want to review.  Plus, It actually contains all of the other webinars and the Veneer Guide E-Book.  

The other webinars (for purchase and free) are short and quick courses for an update on the topics.  We go over several cases and ideas in each.  

The E-books are great to refer back to as reference and to get you more excited about those topics.

How can I ask questions during a course?

Once enrolled in a course.  In the comment section below a video, there is a chat section where you can message Dr. Patel and write a comment or ask a question.  Once submitted, Dr. Patel will reply as soon as possible.  

What makes Dr. Patel’s courses different from other veneer courses?

It took Dr. Patel years of learning from the best, testing that knowledge, and doing so many cases to find the perfect formula for a successful veneer case workflow.   Now he is one of the top cosmetic dentists.  Many course instructors claim to do a lot of veneer cases or have a successful and thriving practice.  That’s not always true.  Dr. Patel does veneer cases everyday, just look at his Instagram. You can literally see his results from his porcelain veneer cases daily on social media.  Read his patients’ reviews and you’ll see that he’s the real deal.

Why is the veneer masterclass so expensive?

The Veneer Masterclass was years in the making. This is one of the most comprehensive online veneer courses available today.  In the Masterclass, you will see. not just 1, not just 2, but you will see 3 different cosmetic veneer cases from beginning to end! Dr. Patel is one of the top cosmetic dentists in the USA with patients traveling from all over to see him.    The same techniques, workflow, and protocols he uses are the strategies that are taught in the Veneer Masterclass and other courses.  To be able to get consistent results, reduce remakes (or refunds), reduce stress and frustration, and to have happy patients is priceless.  Like we said earlier, if you do one more smile makeover porcelain veneer case after taking the course, you will have more than paid for the Veneer Masterclass.  

Are there payment options for the Veneer Masterclass?

Yes, you can make 3 easy payments for the Veneer Masterclass.