Turning Your Social Media Followers Into Your Dental Patients

August 5, 2022

Many patients have been following my account for over a year before they book a consultation. That means over a year ago, they saw something of ours on their explorer(search) page or that someone shared with them. Then they decided to follow us.

They liked posts, maybe commented, saw our stories and our feed posts. Maybe they even dm’d us some questions or comments. During this time we have been transparent with our fees, process, steps and shown off our work. Maybe they were waiting for the right time? Maybe they were saving up their funds?

I like to think they finally saw what they needed to see or heard what they needed to hear to finally reach out and schedule a consultation.

So my thought is if I keep producing content, there’s gonna be that next person that is ready to set up their consultation because they saw what they needed to see. Being Consistent over time puts you in front of your audience constantly.

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