Best Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists

August 31, 2022

I’ve been using Social Media to build my Dental practice over the years.  Social Media has transformed my practice and broadened our patient base.  Here are my Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists to help grow your Social Media Accounts. 

  1. Follow industry leaders and influencers within and outside of dentistry.
  2. Research topics to get ideas for content.
  3. Document and create content specific for the platform.
  4. Create content that is educational, emotional, entertaining, or personal.
  5. Plan how frequently you will be posting.
  6. Post regularly.
  7. Find questions that people are asking and topics people are talking about.
  8. Respond to comments and research how other creators engage with their audience.
  9. Work with Influencers (and people who share and tag you)
  10. Create searchable content by using titles, descriptions and hashtags.

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