Social Media and Veneer Procedure Videos

February 20, 2023

One way that we have grown on social media is sharing the process and behind the scenes of dental procedures.  For our cosmetic dentistry practice, sharing veneer procedure videos online and on social media has been integral.  Porcelain veneers online videos are engaging.  There are so many steps in the porcelain veneer process that could be shared.  People are interested in what happens during the porcelain veneer process.

From the previous smile, design, temporaries, placement of the permanent veneers, post op smile, and everything in between, people want to see what really happens.  Without being graphic, of course.  These short videos that we’ve recorded of the porcelain veneer process have been one of our best social media marketing ideas and strategies for our dental office.  As a Dentist we’re always thinking of dental posts for social media and veneer procedure videos have helped grow our dental practice.

If you’re wanting to learn how to grow your dental practice through social media, check out our online social media masterclass at


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