May 1, 2023

One main factor that has helped grow our cosmetic practice is Dental Photography. 

Getting good at dental photography is important in showing off your artistic skills as a cosmetic dentist.  Also, When you review photos of your work you can see where you need to improve.  This ultimately enhances your clinical work. 

Part of growing any aspect of your dental practice is being able to show patients photos of your work.  This especially applies to cosmetic dentistry. Communicating with your lab by using photos is also essential to making your cases go smoothly.

Patients want to look good in their photos and are more apt to share if you learn how to take good photos.  I’ve seen that patients like photos with a soft look and when the lighting isn’t so harsh.  

As you get beautiful photos of your cases, you can build your portfolio to show prospective patients your work and also to show your before and after cases on social media. 

Having the right equipment and the right lighting will set you up for success. 

Here’s what I use:

Nikon D 7500
Nikon AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G Lens
EMART 7ft Light Stand for Photography (2pk)
Profoto A2 Monolight
Profoto A2 Monolight
Profoto Clic Softbox Octa
Profoto Clic Softbox Octa
Profoto Connect Pro Wireless Transmitter for Nikon

Pro Tips for Dental Photography

Make sure teeth are clean and free of debris and lipstick or dental materials.

Give your patients a heads up and ask patients to get ready for the photo shoot.

Use Layout or pic collage to put before and afters together.  Make sure everything is cropped the same. Make sure the eyes and teeth are level.

Check light sources & flashes or adjust the F stop in order to avoid pictures that are too dark. 

Have the patient sit up straight, practice taking photos with the occlusal plane level. Don’t shoot the subject by being too angled down or too angled upwards. 

Center the target or subject in your viewfinder.

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